Transformation through Affirmation

Replacing the lies we tell ourselves with the Truth of God’s Word     


 Bill Buechner

Harrell 105

Bill has a passion for bringing God’s children closer to the Father’s heart! In this workshop we will practice affirming God’s Word as a way of renewing our minds, we will take time to listen to God speak to us, journal and discuss our key insights in groups.

Presenter: Bill Buechner Bill became a healing minister in 1995,then followed Jesus into prison ministry, where for 20 years he experienced the transforming power of God’s Love. Bill is a certified OSL Speaker and Teacher, having taught the 26 Healing Miracles course in person and on-line seven times. Bill has spoken at various conferences and retreats.





Dr. Colin Campbell

Harrell 102

The Gospels assure us, when we present our needs to Jesus with faith, healing happens. This workshop will describe how faith emerges as a consequence of a relationship with God. Faith leads to prayers for healing that are commonly prayers of petition. An alternative way to pray for healing by listening will be presented. Finally, in the 16th century, spiritual experience, including that originating from the Holy Spirit, was deliberately excluded from philosophical thought and was replaced by a secular form of rationalism. This error will be corrected by scientific evidence itself, through the demands of quantum theory.

Presenter: Dr Colin Campbell holds a PhD in physics and has been a member of OSL for over 40 years. He has a longstanding interest in the connection between healing prayer, Providence and science and has given talks on this subject in New Zealand and Africa as well as throughout North America. He is a Canadian and lives in Hamilton, Ontario.



As we follow, so we lead

Kay Covode

Terrace 219

We will be letting God lead us into an anointed transformational leadership style that enables us to prepare those who are called to set the captives free.  Patterns of leadership emanate from our hearts, so they reflect who we are, and who and what we serve. There will be directed questioning, time with The Trinity, and free discussion.  We will let Jesus lead this workshop!    Whom do you serve?

Presenter: Kay Covode has been a member of OSL since 2008, serving as convenor, mentor, and teacher.  Kay has served on the HWC board since 2012 and has been the president for the past 4 years. Early on, as a board member, she recognized the need for an event intercession team. Since then, there has been a strong team of intercessors at the conference.   She served on the team that took OSL to India.  She is particularly gifted for inner healing/deliverance, and loves mentoring new prayer ministers.  She teaches from 30 years’ experience, and the leading of Holy Spirit! 



      Addressing Ecumenical Differences in the Ministry of Spiritual Warfare

Benjamin McEntire+

                              Harrell 101                               


There are many different Christian perspectives about demonic bondage and how to address it, but often important differences go unrecognized, complicating ecumenical cooperation. This workshop will help OSL leaders understand major underlying issues in spiritual warfare-related healing ministry and facilitate discussion about how to work through them.

Presenter: The Rev Dr Benjamin McEntire is the founder of Saint Michael Ministries and serves as an OSL chaplain.                                                                                                            





Praying with Jesus’ Power, Authority and Blessing to Cure Cancer

Rev. John Rice

Harrell 202


“He sent them out to proclaim the kingdom of God and to heal the sick.”

(Lk 9:2) Before heading out, Jesus equips them with “power and authority to drive out all demons and to cure diseases.” (Lk 9:1) It worked…and still does! Jesus gives us the same power and authority to heal diseases.  In this workshop, John will be sharing how the Holy Spirit has been teaching and equipping him to pray with cancer patients. Participants will be invited to pray together for loved ones battling cancer and other diseases. 

 Presenter: In 2012 Rev. John Rice, an Episcopal priest, followed God’s call to “encourage, equip, and empower” God’s people for Jesus’ healing ministry. God opened many ministry doors for him as a popular conference speaker. During this time, he produced the DVD teaching series, “Equipping the Saints for Jesus’ Healing Ministry.” John co-founded and currently serves as Director of The Blessing Place of Western North Carolina, an ecumenical ministry of blessing and healing. John’s new book, Called to Bless: Restoring God’s Ministry of Blessing, has just been released. John and his wife, Debra, live in Leicester, North Carolina.




Walking in Joy ~ An Invitation into Joy

Ditsie Scobie

Harrell Auditorium

One of the greatest gifts our heavenly Father has given us through His Son, Jesus, is the gift of joy. Jesus was a man of great joy and love, and as we walk closely with Him, our faces begin to shine with a reflection of His joy. Unfortunately, life events conspire to steal our joy. How do we continue to walk our life’s journey in the joyful light of Jesus, avoiding the traps that would steal our joy? Come with a smile.           

Presenter: Ditsie Scobie has been an active member in the OSL for 30 years. She is presently the Convener of the Prince of Peace OSL Healing Community, is a trained OSL Speaker, and until this past spring, she served as the Director of OSL Region 3. After 32 years of teaching elementary education, in 2016, God redirected Ditsie into full-time prayer ministry. Now her greatest joy is serving Jesus, teaching about healing prayer and seeing His children set free through prayer.